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Bank by phone anywhere, any time.

Telephone Banking - Capital Bank of New Jersey Is on the Line for You, When You Need Us

If you have a touch-tone phone, information concerning your savings, checking, or loan accounts is available any time you need it. From your home, office, vacation – anywhere you are.

Telephone Banking Is Private
You'll choose your own personal password to your account information.

Telephone Banking Is Simple and ‘Multilingual’
Your User-ID and password are all you need. A recorded voice will guide you through the option prompts – in English as well as several other languages commonly spoken in our area.

With just one phone call,you can find out about:
Account balances, available funds, latest deposits, and additional account information

Posted checks and deposits, electronic transfers, ATM transactions, interest postings, maturity dates and interest rates on loans, CD’s or money market accounts

Whether a specific check cleared and – if so – for what amount

Tax information on your 1099

What’s more, you can:
Obtain your checking account summary and transaction summary since your last statement by fax machine, if you have access to one

Transfer money from one account to another or make a loan payment (Visit our office to activate this feature.)

To get started, speak to one of our customer service representatives at our locations.

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